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These scripts are provided as-is for free, without warranty or support from us. Use at your own risks!
SmoothWall : portfw.cgi Enhanced 0.1
This script adds the following features to the Port Forwarding page of SmoothWall Express 2.0
- Profile support (manage multiple rule's profiles)
- Description field to comment each rule.
- Edit function no longer delete the currently edited rule while editing
- Port names and host names displayed
- Rules can be sorted by any Columns (click column's title)
- Toggle rules on/off (from the rule "Enabled" icon)

Backup your original SmoothWall Script

scp -P 222 root@GREEN_INTERFACE_IP:/home/httpd/cgi-bin/portfw.cgi portfw.cgi_ORIGINAL

Unzip the downloaded file

gunzip portfw.gz

Install the Script

scp -P 222 portfw.cgi root@GREEN_INTERFACE_IP:/home/httpd/cgi-bin/

Edit the /var/smoothwall/langs/ file using your favorite text editor, ie joe:

ssh -p 222 root@GREEN_INTERFACE_IP
joe /var/smoothwall/langs/

Right before "#ddns.cgi", you should add these lines:

# portfw.cgi editing update
'update current rule' => 'Update current rule:',
'update' => 'Update', # button
'any' => 'Any',
'forwarding rule updated' => 'Forwarding rule updated; restarting forwarder',

Save file and exit (in Joe, type CRTL-K then "X").
That's it !

If the script fails to load execute, Fix the file's permissions :

ssh -p 222 root@GREEN_INTERFACE_IP
chmod 755 /home/httpd/cgi-bin/portfw.cgi

Download portfw.gz
IconBoard to IBF1 Member Converter

This modified script convert members from iB2 Version 2.1.x to Invision Board Forums 1.0.

unzip the file, edit configurations variables, move the file to your IBF folder, and chmod it to 755. then launch it from your web browser.

Download iB2_convert.cgi.gz

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